Influencer Marketing as a Visual Tool in Email Designs

Influencer outreach can be an extremely effective way to tap into a niche consumer marketplace. Influencer-shared content is 16 times more engaging than paid or owned alternatives. That content also drives 2,500 to 25,000 unique monthly visitors via the various social media outlets. Email marketing is also one of the most powerful tactics driving consumer conversion. Integrating an influencer into your email strategy campaign is a sure fire way to specify visual associations to the product within your email, thus appealing more to specific audiences.

Associating an influencer with a product in an email campaign can also be seen as a design tactic. Creating a distinct visual language throughout your email drip is a way to familiarize a consumer to the brand and product you are selling. Just like choosing a distinct color palette and typeface for your emails designs, using the familiar face of an influencer within email designs can persuade a consumer to convert.

To build a strong visual language for a series of designs the process is a balance between the client’s existing brand guidelines, and making a fresh creative and eye-catching design. Developing compositionally strong emails within any drip campaign is essential. It invites the consumer to become engulfed in the content of the email, rather than being distracted by unnecessary elements. Images are a vital aspect of designing emails. They allow the viewer to aspire or relate to the lifestyle conveyed through the composition.

This is precisely where the influencer’s job fits in. Using images of people appeals to a viewer’s humanist side. We can relate more closely to a product when we see images of diverse groups of people within the marketing campaign. Overall, developing a visual language is essential for any marketing campaign, and to be able to tap into a consumer’s particular interests and aspirations by taking advantage of influencer marketing can make that language even more clear.

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