Creating Buzz Through Influencer Photography and Videography

By June 12, 2017Creative

We live in a world inundated with photography and video content. The fact that there is so much content continuously being shared makes organic social media marketing that much more difficult, especially if a brand doesn’t have a large cult following. So how does a smaller brand take advantage of the power of social media marketing without spending an arm and a leg on paid advertisements?

Smaller companies can start by creating their own assets through influencer photography and videography; more notably, influencer models and actors.

What is are influencers? Influencers are people that have catered their life and lifestyle to the masses and gained a large following on social media outlets such as Instagram and Twitter. With the right payment, influencers will post your content to their profile with an incentive to direct their followers to your company.

The great thing about influencers is how cheap their services cost for the amount of business they are capable of directing toward your company. Some influencers are even willing to work for a cheaper fee in return for receiving your product or service, which can even further help cut your costs. You can negotiate the incentive scheme with each influencer. While it may seem like a no-brainer to hire the first influencer you can get in contact with, it is extremely important to know that there are all sorts of influencers in the social media sphere. This makes it important to ensure that you are choosing the correct one to match your brand and your target audience.

If you are a yoga studio in Venice Beach, you are going to want to find an influencer who is passionate about yoga and thus has followers that are passionate about it as well. Making the right influencer choice will ensure you are targeting the audience that you want. If you are men’s streetwear company, it is crucial you find an influencer that is passionate about skating, urban exploring, and urban fashion.

The next step is creating content with the influencer involved. Hire the influencer to model in your yoga studio, or wear your streetwear on a photo shoot as they skate through the streets of downtown. Edit the images to match the tone and style of the influencer’s typical posts so that their followers aren’t turned off by an abrupt change in content style.

So now that you’ve photographed and worked out a deal for the influencer to post your co-created content, how do you track the business they bring in? The key to tracking the success of an influencer engagement is through special offers. In the post that the influencer creates, it is important that you provide an incentive for their followers by posting a coupon code. This coupon code will only correlate with that influencer which makes it incredibly easy to track the success of bringing them on board.

If you are a newer business, influencer marketing can be some of the cheapest and most effective types of marketing to help gain not only sales, but also brand recognition in the marketplace. As more people are exposed to your product socially, the higher your sales will be. As your sales expand, consumer confidence will rise as more and more people review and talk about your product. So if you are a business looking for an accurate way to boost your customer base without spending a fortune, influencer photography and videography is the way to go.

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