3 Ways Influencers Elevate Your Email Marketing

Email marketing has remained a powerful and lucrative marketing strategy over the last decade. Influencers, meanwhile, have given brands the opportunity to access consumers through the voices they trust most. Combining these strategies has proven to be particularly compelling. Here are three ways influencers can elevate your email marketing:

They Create Genuine Content

When you work with influencers to post about your product or service, you can use the images and content they create in future email campaigns. Through an influencer campaign, followers and email subscribers can see and experience your product in a more realistic, relatable setting, with an element of wanting to aspire to the influencer’s lifestyle. With so many choices floating around in the market and no time to thoroughly research all options before purchasing, recommendations from real people we “know,” like influencers, are welcome. Utilizing influencers’ content in your emails means access to high-quality, relatable content and imagery.

They Engage Your Audience

Email subscribers are three times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources (QuickSprout). Increase engagement on social media and keep subscribers even more connected to your brand by showing them that you have an active social community via your influencers. This cross-channel engagement increases touch points and brand loyalty with your customers.

They Bring Your Brand’s Story To Life

The most successful brands incorporate influencers as part of a holistic strategy focused on long-term relationships, cultivating genuine enthusiasm through influencer events, personalized campaigns, and efforts to communicate your brand’s history and values. When you take the time to foster long-term relationships, the influencers who appear in your email campaigns are familiar to your audience and authentically share your brand’s value props. These influencers are true advocates of your brand, and this is the real value of influencer marketing.

The best way to connect with current or potential consumers is having a story and a heartbeat to your brand. The synergy of email marketing and influencer marketing is an excellent way to share and build this brand loyalty with your consumers.

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