How Do Influencers Fit Into a Mobile Marketing Strategy?

By February 17, 2017Influencer Marketing

When you were in line at Starbucks this morning, the chances are that you, along with everyone else, were looking at your phone. While there are those that are trying to get a head-start on tackling their inbox, it’s likely that everyone was looking through social media. According to GO-Globe’s infographic, internet usage on mobile and tablet devices exceeded desktop for the first time worldwide in October 2016, and the trend is continuing.

With ever-popular social platforms such as Snapchat, Periscope, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we have the capability to follow people (or even dogs) around the world. There are a plethora of reasons why people follow influencers on social media:

Whatever the reason, these influencers have the power to connect with audiences on a level that brands only wish they could. People are actively going to their channels and feeds, causing them to be exponentially more receptive to the content. These influencers can sway the sentiments of their online audience regarding a brand since they’ve already established their credibility.

Companies will continue to splurge money to target their consumers, but our generation has learned to filter out these ads (aka “banner blindness”). By partnering with influencers, a brand can leverage the influencers’ relationship with their audience and have them advocate for the company’s product or service. If you think about all the ads you see on a daily basis, you probably ignore the majority of them. However, if you see (INSERT ANYONE YOU’RE INSPIRED BY) post a picture of XYZ product, you’re more likely to pay attention to it.

Although influencers can collaborate with a brand in many different ways, brands definitely want to make sure the influencer is posting across all of their social platforms. With the amount of time spent on social media per day and how receptive users are to social media content, it only makes sense to place your brand there.

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