Influencing Your Brand with Influencer Marketing

Your brand is much more than a set of fonts, some brand colors, and a logo. Your brand is your identity, and your identity is what influences your consumers.

Every business needs to consider doing the influencer marketing. This technique is becoming increasingly more relevant these days with the rise of social media. It’s not just movie stars and famous athletes driving people to your brand anymore. Today there is a much larger selection of influencers to choose from, but how do you choose the right ones? Here are some questions you should ask from your brand’s perspective to make sure you are choosing the right influencers to work with.

Does this influencer’s identity reflect my brand’s identity?

Really research your potential influencer. Don’t just look at how many followers they have on Instagram or how many subscribers they have on YouTube. While the amount of exposure your influencer can offer you is a very important aspect, if their personality does not match your brand then you won’t be reaching the right target audience.

Has my potential influencer ever been exposed to my brand’s industry?

Personality aside, in order to incorporate this person into your brand’s image you need to make sure the content they put out for you appears authentic. Look and see if a candidate has ever promoted products or services in your industry before or if they have a genuine interest in your industry. If these steps are not taken, you run the risk of your content looking staged and unnatural.

Can this influencer deliver the quality of content I need?

Consistency is a very important aspect in branding from how your photos are shot to how your typography is laid out. The same applies to influencers. Some influencers can just post a picture to their Instagram holding your product and for some brands that works out just fine. However, if your brand needs a more consistent identity, make sure that your influencer has the ability to do that and be prepared to provide them with the right assets and knowledge they will need to endorse your visual identity correctly.

Asking these three questions will help you identify the right influencers that match your brand’s aesthetic.

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