November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

In Case You Missed It: Here’s What Was New on the Hawke Blog in October

News & Events

Happy Halloween, marketers! We’re now in the thick of Q4. In case you’ve been too busy to check out our blog lately, here’s a roundup of the new content we’ve created over the past month so you can catch up.

It’s your opportunity to soak in all of the insightful tips and tricks, as well as key takeaways, that a variety of experts on our team have shared during October. If you haven’t yet, we recommend that you give these articles a look.

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Influential Influencer Ideas

4 Tips to Make the Most Out Of Your Influencer Collaborations Influencer marketing has its challenges, but these four tips can help you find success for your brand and grow results on a consistent basis.

4 Influencers Fashion Brands Should Be Paying Attention to in 2020—and Why In order to get noticed in an increasingly crowded Instagram space, top fashion influencers have to find ways to stand out from their competitors. Here are four influencers who fashion brands shouldn’t sleep on and are already grabbing our attention as we head into 2020.

October Events, Recaps, & Announcements

First Glance: 19 Photos of Hawkefest 2019Here’s a first look at our top 19 photos from Hawkefest ’19, our annual anti-conference that took place on Thursday, Oct. 3. at the Houdini Estate in Hollywood Hills.

World Mental Health Day 2019: How Hawke Values Wellness in the WorkplaceWorld Mental Health Day is our yearly reminder that our mental health at work comes first. In the hope of reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, and tiredness in and out of the office, Hawke Media kicked off a Wellness Program earlier this year. Learn more about what Hawke Media does to improve our employees’ well-being.

Facebook Messenger Marketing: 5 Conversational Ad Tips to Drive Revenue and Increase SubscribersHere are some of the key Facebook marketing takeaways from our webinar with Octane AI that your business can use to drive revenue and increase subscribers on Facebook Messenger, especially small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses that are revenue-focused in Q4.

Introducing Our New Grad Program: The Associate Digital Marketer Program!Calling all new grads! We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new grad program: the Associate Digital Marketer program. Learn more about all of the benefits and why you should consider submitting an application.

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Agency Hiring Missteps

11 Mistakes Brands Make When Hiring Digital Marketing Agencies From budget woes and miscommunication to ignoring the digital landscape and more, we break down 11 of the most common mistakes brands make when working with digital marketing agencies—and how to avoid them to ensure your next engagement is a smashing success.

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Guest Blogs

How to Increase B2B Sales With Email Marketing This piece was written by our guest blogger Sujan Patel, Co-Founder of Right Inbox, an email productivity tool used by over 250,000 professionals. Patel found that once you establish (or fine-tune) your email marketing approach, it’s a low-touch sales generator that works steadily in the background while your team turns their attention to more hands-on marketing techniques. Here, he teaches you more about how to use email marketing to increase B2B sales in your business.

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Content Is Key

Why Stock Photography will Sink Your Social Brand: You Need Your Own Social Content Stock photos are a thing of the past. Here’s how original social content differs from stock images and how to enhance your social content through social images.

2019 Hawke Holiday Content Marketing Plan Do you still need a holiday content marketing plan? Hawke can help. Our content marketing experts put together an infographic that explains exactly how much of a difference developing a well-rounded content strategy can make in your overall marketing strategy, along with tips and tricks for Q4 and beyond.

Your Burning Marketing Questions, Answered

Many of our blog posts stem from client concerns that we address, so chances are we’ll have a blog post that can answer your latest burning marketing question. You can also get your question(s) answered in more depth by our team of experts. Just fill out a free consultation form below. Happy reading!