The Easiest Guide to Designing a Seamless Instagram Grid

By April 18, 2017Creative

Have you ever looked at a brand’s Instagram and noticed a full image spanned across multiple squares? Maybe even the full feed composes one image. Ever wondered how to build one of these? Well, today we will be laying out a super simple and easy to understand guide to designing your own. EVEN IF YOU AREN’T A DESIGNER!

This Instagram grid tutorial is meant for the people that want to showcase some amazing work, so we will be using Photoshop with high-resolution images so that we get the best output. When spanning images across multiple posts, the resolution is imperative. This way a user who comes across your post while scrolling doesn’t encounter a blurry image.

There are, however, a few tools you will need before we begin:

  • Adobe Photoshop (You can even use the free trial if you want)
  • 1 high res image (at least 1500px wide)
    • For a grid of 3 use a landscape photo
    • Grids of 6 can be taller landscape photos
    • Grids of 9 can be square
    • Grids of larger than 9 can be portrait
  • An Instagram account


Download and install Adobe Photoshop. The installation process should be pretty straightforward: Choose a plan, if you have a trial, set a date on your calendar to cancel the trial (unless you fall in love ;-), install, etc.


Download one of my templates and open it:

1 Row – 1 x 3

2 Rows – 2 x 3

3 Rows – 3 x 3

You’ll see a template link here that has either 1 row, 2 rows, or 3 rows. Depending on the look you’re going for, click the link and open the file.  It’s already a .psd so it should have everything already packaged and ready to work on. Success will look something like this: (2×3 for reference purposes)


Upload your image and size it for your grid

I already set up your layer, so that part is done. Now, simply drag your photo from your folder into the document. You should initially see something like this:

NEXT: Hold option + shift and drag a corner to scale the image to the size you want. Make sure you cover the full grid. The end result should look something like this:


Select your sections, and save them individually.

Next, you’ll want to hit “M” on your keyboard, or select the “Rectangular Marquee Tool.” It should be the second item down from the top on your left “essentials” toolbar. Make sure you have snap to guides enabled ( VIEW > SNAP TO > GUIDES ). Move your cursor to the bottom right square, and select that full square within the blue grid, and COMMAND + C (copy) that selection. You should have white dots surrounding the area.


Save your grid item individually.

NEXT: Open a new project and place your selection.  Go to FILE > NEW > Type Your Project and grid # – (insta_grid_1) > OK.  This should open a new project. Next, hit COMMAND + V (paste) and your grid selection should show up on your project! Finally, go to FILE > SAVE AS > On your format, select JPEG > Select A Folder > SAVE.  You have successfully created the first image for your grid.


Repeat steps 1 through 5 for each grid item.

Depending on how many items are in your grid, repeat the steps, from the bottom right to the top right. Follow the order from the template, and save each item with a unique #, so you remember the order to post it. Here is a visual representation of the order to follow:


Upload to Instagram!

Upload your photos in order from 1-6, so that when you load your feed, they are placed in the correct order. I would recommend adding a short and sweet description for each image just in case a user scrolls past it in on their actual feed in real time and it seems confusing. These steps will definitely make you Instagram grid eye-catching.

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