The Expansion of Instagram Monetization Through Affiliate Networks

Bloggers, influencers, brands and others seeking to increase their audience base and cash flow through social media have been progressively tapping into Instagram. Although sponsored posts and product promotions are more traditional means of advertising on Instagram, affiliate marketing has taken off so notably within the channel that affiliate networks have been finding ways to connect their clients to their customers better.

Pepperjam Network, for example, has partnered with Curalate, a visual commerce marketing platform, to enable a streamlined method of increasing conversions between their advertisers and publishers through a blog or Instagram. Publishers simply register with their existing information from Pepperjam and connect their Instagram accounts. From there they can productize specific products within their photos that correspond with those of their advertisers through product feeds and deep linking. Although these links aren’t allowed on individual photo posts, one is allowed, Like2Buy, on the profile page which lets users shop all productized images. Within Like2Buy, a similar overlay of the Instagram account is displayed in which users can click on a picture containing a deep link and are sent directly to its product page on the advertiser’s website to purchase.

The partnership with Curalate has reached more than 75 million Instagram users just from the 700 advertisers within Pepperjam that have already registered in the program. Having a designated niche along with knowledge of the target audience, demographics, and trends have all been shown to be key components in driving successful marketing tactics on social media. It also doesn’t hurt that Instagram is widely known for its users following people, brands, and product pages that inspire reposts of common #goals of being like one another.

Given that this example only demonstrates one of the affiliate networks expanding into one branch of social media, the commission earning potential is limitless across the entire board. Both advertisers and publishers are constantly searching for new ways to draw in and retain audiences, drive more traffic, and increase conversion rates. A picture is supposedly worth a thousand words and the concept of visual marketing is taking over the focal point by incorporating affiliate networks with social media.

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