How to Magnify Your Next Experiential Activation

A common obstacle for experiential is reach. Yes, you can absolutely reach more people online, so why do an event? The answer is impact. A brand can make a meaningful marketing impact through an experiential activation, and if they’re smart about it, will integrate the right tools to magnify the activation.

Here are some ways to supercharge experiential:

  • Integrate social media
  • Influencer attendees
  • Live stream

Integrate social media

A great way to get more eyeballs on your activation is integrating a social media plan. Let’s say you’re throwing a launch party that’s invite only. Leading up to the event, you can create a social campaign that prompts your followers to a specific CTA (for example, repost a photo, follow and tag, use a certain hashtag, etc.) Now, you have created a sense of urgency and desire to attend, and your turnout ratio will most likely be higher.

Utilizing social media will give you measurable results, a key to showing the value of experiential.

Influencer attendees

Creating an influencer-driven event can magnify a localized activation tenfold. Invite the right people, design an experience that encourages organic user generated content and watch the social impressions and engagements skyrocket! You now have a 100 person event that reached millions.

One way to ensure that influencer attendees are involved in the event and get others involved as well is through your social media plan. One way to integrate social and influencers is creating a unique hashtag for your activation and making sure your influencers and guests know about it. Create signage throughout and ensure staff is letting folks know to use it. A Snapchat filter is also a great way to brand your activation, design something fun that people will enjoy using, and once again, make sure they know a Snapchat filter is available.

When influencers share content using the branded hashtag or Snapchat filter, it not only gives you a way to track engagement, but also encourages their followers to get involved or learn more about your brand if they aren’t able to attend.

Live stream

Your activation may be in Los Angeles, for example, but you can engage with people in New York City if you are live streaming. Now it’s open to all, no matter the location. You have content, you have eyeballs, and you’re magnifying your activation.

There’s a lot of work that goes into making an event successful, but by integrating social media, inviting influencer attendees, and live streaming you’re increasing engagement and magnifying your reach.

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