The Million Dollar Question—Are Influencers Over?

By June 16, 2017Strategy

Hi, guys! I am just as excited about Kylie Jenner’s new lip color releases just as any other fangirl out there. Love those swatches girl! She is great! She is, like, the queen, wait, I mean King 😉 of influencers. Or we have our other influencer princesses Gigi Hadid, who crushes every campaign she gets handed to her.

The pictures posted have beautiful imagery, products look great on them and overall brands are happy! But are the people happy with the content posted? Does it look authentic anymore? Particularly with the FTC cracking down on influencers to require them informing their audience that it’s an advertisement, people are starting to question sponsored content and begin to look elsewhere. But is what is else is there?

Look, influencer marketing has been a thing forever! Back in the day influencers to were Michael Jackson or Britney Spears. The problem with influencer marketing now is that it has become a career for these influencers. Their whole lifestyle is based on promoting a product where their feed is literally just product, aesthetic, product, product, and more product.

We are tired and exhausted and ready to go back to OG influencers. Who are these OG influencers? Basically the MJs and pop stars of our time. I feel like I am more interested in what jacket Lorde is purchasing than what my local LA blogger with six million followers is rocking. Why? Because I know that Lorde rocking a jacket is going to be more authentic than a blogger pretty much forced to promote the product!

In conclusion, influencer marketing needs to be more focused on niche influencers now to get some sort of authentic and good quality traffic. For example, if I am selling a black leather jacket, I would recommend working with an influencer known to rock leather jackets. That would be someone in music, such as a rock or punk band. Everyone following that big rock band is most likely interested in the way they dress and would probably be interested in the leather jacket. Or another example would be let’s say if I am selling vintage restored tables. Who would be the key influencer? It would be someone heavily respected in the furniture design industry, like an interior designer.

Influencer marketing needs to get more into niche influencers so that they can drive the correct traffic! Bloggers need to start doing more creative things instead of looking like every other blogger. It’s getting old. People are catching on and just scrolling by.

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