Mobile Pay-Per-Click: Float, Don’t Sink

By February 23, 2017Digital Media Buying

Mobile traffic is huge, and we all know it. But we may be less confident about our mobile pay-per-click (PPC) strategy. Here are a few of the challenges with mobile pay-per-click advertising.

Ad Spots Vary By Device Type

Mobile has the fewest ad spots available of all three device types. When desktop may be showing three top ad positions as well as a few right column spots, mobile users might see just two ad spots above the organic results.

So How Does This Affect CTRs?

Mobile click-through-rates are most affected by lower positioning followed by tablet. Past position two on mobile, your average expected CTR is 45 percent lower compared to desktop.

Doesn’t This Affect My Quality Score?

Luckily no. Google’s equation thankfully takes into account the device your ad is showing on when evaluating click-through-rate into the quality score equation.

How About Mobile CPCs?

Since 2012, mobile cost per clicks have increased significantly. If mobile CPCs continue to rise the way have since 2012, they may surpass desktop cost per clicks in the next five years.

Mobile Impression Shares

Just like the dropoff in click-through-rates for mobile, impression shares also see a huge dropoff past ad position two. This is another reason why you just can’t get much done without excellent positioning for mobile.

The Bottom Line

Currently, the mobile environment is ruthless. Tons of mobile traffic to capitalize on, but lower click-through-rates, increasingly higher cost-per-clicks, and brutal impression share losses. Therefore, without a well thought out mobile strategy, you’ll simply be at a loss.

Things To Consider When Planning Your Mobile Strategy

Max out those ad extensions. Mobile ads are already small enough, so be sure to build out as many germane ad extensions as you can to help better qualify your traffic as well as literally increasing the size of your ads. These include review extensions, site link extensions, locations and directions, callout extensions, social media influence, and “call now” extensions.

Don’t forget about mobile bid adjustments as you will only want to bid more on mobile if it is converting to justify such cost increases. And last but not least, ensure your landing pages are mobile optimized. On the basketball court, you could give your teammate the world’s best pass, but if he or she can’t make the simple shot then all effort is lost.

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