Mobile Pop-Ups: What Would Google Do?

By February 20, 2017Email Marketing

Google—the boss of all search engines—recently announced that they will start cracking down on the use of “intrusive interstitials,” better known as pop-ups.

Having a high search rank in Google is something that e-commerce companies and bloggers alike are always chomping at the bit to get. The best way to do this? Provide valuable content to the user when they’re searching it. The newest problem (according to Google)? Pesky mobile pop-ups that make viewing said content anything but easy.

Because the mobile experience can already be harder to navigate than desktop and, unfortunately, mobile responsiveness still isn’t a norm, Google’s now penalizing intrusive interstitials, such as mobile pop-ups.

Here are a few tips and best practices:

  • Make sure that the content of your website isn’t obstructed from your pop-up.
    • If through testing, you’ve determined that the immediate page load pop-up has the highest conversion rate for your audience you have the option to implement another email capture form. In this example below, they use a Justuno Bar.
  • Have the pop-up you know and love trigger on the second page the user visits. Since your user has already navigated around your site and isn’t clicking through from Google, you now have the ability to showcase whatever pop-up you like and be as “intrusive” as you see fit.
  • Make it as easy as possible for the user to navigate out of the pop-up. This best practice should be implemented across the board but with Google cracking down on mobile, make that X bigger and more noticeable than before.

Although the steps above are useful in staying in compliance with what Google best behaviors are, let the metrics speak for themselves. Test the different tactics above and see which yields the highest engagement rate and then keep testing and optimizing from there.

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