Never Get Too Comfortable

It’s my belief that being overly comfortable in any field can lead to missed opportunities and careless mistakes, and email marketing is no different. Whether reporting message performance is being overlooked, A/B testing is being neglected, or you’re not staying current with changes in the industry, comfort itself can be the core issue to some of your problems.

So here is a friendly wake up call to say you should never get too comfortable. You should spend extra time not only reporting metrics but also analyzing them. Perhaps you can try an A/B test that hasn’t been visited in a while like testing a new color theme for your templates. Additionally, try finding some extra time in the week to browse the web for the latest news in your field. This can spark a new idea that just might change everything.

There is nothing wrong with being comfortable, but it’s hard to be on your toes when you’re so comfortable with your daily work-life.

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