Pairing an AdWords Campaign with an Influencer Marketing Campaign

If your business hasn’t already tapped into the world of influencer marketing, now is the time. Influencer marketing has become a key player in increasing exposure to businesses in today’s age of digital marketing. While influencer campaigns can have tremendous reach and elevate brand exposure, it is no secret that these gains can often be unaccounted for due to dark social. How can you fill this void in conversion rates? It’s simple, Google AdWords. AdWords provide a trusted solution to ensuring influencer ads are translated to direct website traffic.

There are plenty of examples of how influencer campaigns, paired with AdWords, creates an unbeatable marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at how this duo operates between Instagram and Google AdWords, respectively.

The Instagram Post:

Let’s say they your business hires Miley Cyrus to run an influencer campaign for their new necklace line launch. Miley posts a pic promoting your newest jewelry piece or seasonal lineup gaining exposure to all 68.9 million of her Instagram followers. However, instead of these mobile Instagram users clicking through to the website link Miley provides in her Instagram bio, the users ditch the phone and head to their desktops to Google.

The Google Search:

You want your business website to be the first link users see when they search your brand or keywords of your brand. Otherwise, the customer may be lured to an alternative site and choose to buy your product from a different source decreasing your margins. In some instances, if you’re working with outlets like Nordstrom, Revolve, PacSun, and countless other online stores, they could appear on your brand or keyword search terms, forcing you to have a bigger SEM budget. If your business website is not the first link to appear during a search, your influencer initiative to direct the consumer to the path of conversion will be lost. Click-throughs and sales become credited to other sources. So, how can you get your website to be the first link that appears?

The Solution:

With Google AdWords, when a customer sees your influencer marketing campaign, sparking their search for your company, they are nurtured on the path to conversion. Google AdWords allows you to ensure your business website is the very first link to appear when keywords of your company are Googled. This way, the exposure your influencer brings to your brand can direct traffic to your website. Thus, AdWords are crucial to your business’s conversion rates and success when running influencer campaigns.  The next step is to make sure that your landing page converts the web visitors.

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