Pairing Email Campaigns with Google AdWords Customer Match

Adwords Customer Match allows advertisers to target subscriber lists by uploading specific email addresses and applying them to ad campaigns. This allows marketers to create custom experiences based on the user. AdWords Customer Match is a great way to find users actively browsing for things related your brand while remaining under-the-radar.

Get Started with AdWords Customer Match

You can upload your new leads’ emails and use them as a Customer Match segmentation. Ads are geared toward a select audience, so you can bid on more generic terms for the list. If you upload more than 5,000 emails that are processed and matched to Google users, you are eligible to use a feature that can help you reach more prospects by generating similar audiences to your lists.

For the large chunk of users who are on the fence about purchasing, utilize Customer Match to move them through the sales funnel. Make sure your ad is showing in the best possible format and bid up your keywords to make sure you’re in the best position. The more exposure your brand has, the better! On the other hand, make sure to avoid generic ads for prospects already familiar with your brand. For best results, make new ads that apply directly to their searches.

While hunting for new prospects, don’t neglect your existing customers. Reconnect with these customers and to drive them toward another purchase. It’s easier to convert an existing customer than getting a new one. You are able to subtly nurture these existing customers without bombarding them with targeted ads from your brand. Everyone hates being harassed after they’ve already bought something.

Segmenting Your Audience

There are a few ways you can segment your lists using Customer Match. If you have a product that is needed on a recurring basis, you may want to segment your lists by customer lifecycle. That way, they can quickly search for your keywords and they’ll get your ads as a reminder to purchase. If your product is a one-time purchase, you can use Customer Match to cross-sell complementary products to what they have already bought. Segment these lists by product purchased and customize these ads to feature corresponding items. If your product could be repeatedly purchased, go more in-depth with Customer Match. Segment these lists by products they displayed interest in and serve them ads of new products and promos.

Customer Match could be the thing to help your email campaigns fully thrive and have more customers convert.


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