Pin It to Win It: Advertising On Pinterest

By August 25, 2017Strategy

First things first… Pinterest isn’t for everybody.  Let’s face it… if you’re a plumber, you’re not got going to see people pinning the top three drain unclogging and calling to book your plumbing service. No offense intended to the DIY plumbers out there.

Pinterest is best utilized by brands with high visual appeal and killer content that begs to be shared. The audience also skews heavily toward female and, more specifically, women who make over 100k a year.  If that sounds like your audience and you’ve got your brand messaging and creative assets locked and loaded, below are three reasons why you might want to look into advertising on Pinterest.

Point 1: Native Ads

If you’ve read this far then you probably already know that consumers are smart.  They know every tired trick in the digital marketing playbook. The efficiency and consistency of ads being placed across search engines, other social media platforms, and on your favorite website is a double-edged sword. Great for SEO, awareness, and retargeting,  but the consumer knows they’re there. They’ve been trained to look away from those areas. What if you could create an ad so native, the consumer couldn’t tell the difference. Pinterest does just that. Save for a bit of text reading “promoted” it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a native and ad based Promoted Pin.

Point 2: Capturing Discovery Based Search

Just as SEM is a boon for capturing high converting intent based traffic, Pinterest captures intent based on discovery.  In other words, the consumer comes to Pinterest with a very open mind and general willingness to try something new.  I know what you’re saying…why would I want to spend money advertising to a consumer who is less specific in what they are looking for?  Not so fast there.  Yes, they are searching more broadly, but are entirely more ready to be served an ad as part of the discovery mindset.  Still not convinced?  Perhaps the third point below will do the trick.

Point 3:  Audience Targeting and Keyword Optimization

Pinterest not only lets you create a series of keywords for your ads to be displayed, it also allows you to add audience preferences to further augment who your ads are delivered to.  Imagine the audience targeting capabilities of Facebook combined with keyword optimization in Google Adwords.  Suddenly, that vague discovery audience becomes much clearer, ensuring that your promoted pins only go to the qualified audience and searchers you “pin” as being your target customer.


All this being said, advertising on Pinterest is still in its infancy, having been available to the masses for scarce more than a couple years.  There are drawbacks but, overall, the platform can offer a lot of value for the right brand if done well.  For all who brave the vast content ocean that is Pinterest advertising I say to you…just keep pinning.

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