Practicing Mobile Marketing For the Obvious Reason

By February 10, 2017Strategy

Smart devices have become an indispensable part of our lives. Duh. I bet you’re currently reading this on your phone. It’s easier, faster, and, most importantly, super convenient. You don’t have time to walk around and actually see where you’re walking because you have this neat little contraption in your hands allowing you access to a whole different portal of possibilities.  

As a marketer if this doesn’t scream “cha-ching” then I don’t know where your head is. Your target is now locked into the screen of this device. You know where their attention is directed. They’re not looking around at billboards or subway car ads; even when they’re watching tv, their phone is still in hand ready to open the first social media app their finger gravitates to when commercials interrupt their show… or even during the slow parts of the show, because who even has time for commercials anymore?

You now know that your target audience is glued to this little thing in their hands and you know that—hold on, here comes the good part—you have access to it, too! You can understand your audience’s demographics, behaviors, likes, and dislikes, and, what’s better, is that you can interact with them in just about the coolest way there is: through marketing!

Tell them why your company/service/app/product is the coolest thing ever, and without you in their lives, things just don’t make sense (introduce yourself through sponsored ads). Show them that you miss them because you haven’t heard from them in awhile (email them their abandoned carts). Make sure they know that you care and listen to their needs (show them the relevant stuff through your Facebook ads).

Basically, foster your relationship with your target. Pop up on their social accounts, get into their inbox, hey, maybe even shoot them a text once in awhile. Your target is on their phone so why would they not see you? You’re actively trying to interact with them through the same device they spend the majority of their time. So start creating your mobile marketing relationships because these days, who isn’t in a relationship with their phone?

Writer’s Note: This is a very generalized perception of why you should practice mobile marketing. Also, it’s 2017. Smartphones aren’t going away. So, if you haven’t already, get on that mobile marketing train.

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