Ready for free social proofing + some new leads?

Ready to step up your social media presence and collect trusted emails? Then a referral program might just be exactly what your e-commerce company needs.

Everyone has that friend who likes to share with their friends or followers on social media their trendy pair of shoes or new tech gadget they recently purchased. Whether they’re doing this to draw some level of envy or they’re trying to help their friends find their new favorite product, that’s up for interpretation. But, in this example let’s look at the latter case.

Social proofing has proven time after time to be one of the most successful ways to gain brand exposure and obtain new customers. So, setting up a solid referral program not only gives you the opportunity to incentivise your customers to promote, but also aids in the efforts of building out your email list.

After someone has made a purchase, excitement is at a high and so is the inclination to share with their friends their recent purchase. And this is where a post-purchase email series comes in. Not only does a post-purchase email series allow you to nurture your customer and throw in a product upsell recommendation, but it also is the perfect time to introduce your referral program.

With your referral program, you can ask your customers to introduce your brand to their friends with, of course, an incentive. Simply have your customer submit their friend’s email address to whatever referral platform you’re using (Referral Candy, Friend Buy, Reward Stream, the list goes on), and they’ll be sent an email with a promotion to use on their first purchase.

It’s as easy as that! Thanks to your post-purchase email series and referral program, you’ve just collected the email address to your newest referred user. Now, it’s time for your product and marketing efforts to turn this potentially interested subscriber into a brand loyalist.

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