3 Ways to Repurpose Influencer Posts for Your Content Strategy

It may seem like everyone (and even some dogs) is an influencer today, but influencers are a great way to engage your current audience and reach potential new fans through their own audience.

Influencers provide third-party validation for your brand, but their content can also be used to boost your own content marketing strategy. Here are three ways to repurpose influencer posts as part of your own content strategy:

Mix up your social media

If you’re posting to social media every day, you’ll need 30 images each month to post and for a lot of brands that’s a huge ask. One great way to break up the product shots and #MondayMotivation quotes are with influencer photos. Influencers often take “lifestyle” images which show the brand or product in action, such as a beauty blogger applying a face mask she was sent to review. These lifestyle images are an excellent way to break up monotonous product shots that are more still life than in-the-moment.

Spice up your blog with guest posts

Most brands know they should regularly be blogging to boost their search engine optimization (SEO) and rankings; however, it can be hard to prioritize blog writing (if you’ve been asking yourself if you need a blog, we’ve got you covered). One way to make sure your blog stays up to date and to keep your content interesting is with guests posts from influencers. If the influencers you’re already partnering with are writing reviews about your brand or product, repurpose them on your blog as a guest post.

Surprise followers with a takeover

As Snapchat and Instagram Stories become more popular, another great way to repurpose content from influencers is through a social media takeover. The photo sharing social networks make it easy for influencers to post quick photos or videos as part of a Day In The Life series, review of your brand or product, or even commentary from a specific event. Often, influencers will direct their audience to check them out on your handles which gets your brand in front of new eyes.

The benefits of influencer marketing don’t have to be limited to just third-party validation and product reviews. By creating a relationship with influencers that is mutually beneficial to you and the influencer, you’ll both win when it comes to your content strategy, creation, and promotion.

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