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  • SEO Recommendations- A deep analysis of your product page and keywords. We look into your product page to see if you’re using top keywords and if you’re using best practices to optimize for SEO.
  • Pictures and Videos Analysis - We look at your pictures and videos and give advice to better position your products to increase conversion rate.
  • Review Strategy - We take a look at your reviews and help you develop a Review Strategy to attract more product reviews. Reviews are extremely important for organic ranking and we want to make sure that you utilize best practices.
  • Storefront and EBC - We take a deep dive into your Storefront and EBC. We A/B tested many techniques and we make recommendations based on what we see offers the best conversion rate.
  • Ad Strategy - We take a look at your keyword ranking and Ad strategy. We want to make sure that your overall ad strategy is structured to help your business grow.

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Why Sell on Amazon?

Where Consumers Begin Their Product Search

75% of consumers said Amazon does the best job of personalizing the shopping experience

Overall Sales on Amazon per Product

60-80% of Amazon sales come from organic searches that are not sponsored.


Amazon is the largest search platform on the world, but what differentiates Amazon from other platforms is that 60-80% of purchases come from organic traffic. It is our mission to position your products in a way that would allow you to rank higher organically and take advantage of all this free traffic.

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