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By December 22, 2015Email Marketing

When asked to develop an email marketing campaign the first question asked is, “what do you want your prospect to do from the email?”

Too often clients answer, “send them to the home page.”

This is usually a bad idea because it almost guarantees minimal to no response and lost sales.

Look at the two home pages below:

Home page 1



Home page 2



Home pages are “general” and try to fit everything, or almost everything, about the entire company onto one page. That’s fine for the home page because that’s what they’re designed to do.

But, it’s a bad idea to send prospects from a transactional email here.

Sending your prospect to the home page confuses him. It creates a disconnect because you break the linear sales flow. i.e. Point A to point B to Order Page.

What’s more is after your prospect clicks on the email and ends up on your home page the home page doesn’t speak about the product or the specific offer in the email.

Result: lost sale.

The prospect bounces away and deletes your email without making an inquiry or a purchase. The reason? Your email copy and web page didn’t match up.

It’s important to guard against the loss of congruence no matter which page you send your email prospects to. Transactional emails should focus on one specific product you want your prospect to inquire about or buy. Which means the landing web page should only be dedicated to the product you are selling.

Email promo:

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 2.50.33 PM


Resulting landing page:

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 2

The promotion above would be more powerful and effective if each product-image-link sent the shopper directly to the specific product page. But it didn’t.

Instead, each image I clicked sent me to a general product page. Worse, the general product page didn’t feature any of the products displayed in the email; and worse still, this page was full of navigation links (circled in red).

Result: lost sale.

Many clients reason it is a good idea to provide many options and links on the landing page because something will catch the shopper’s attention and they’ll buy something.

This sounds logical to the inexperienced. But the reality is the shopper gets disappointed when she can’t find what she’s looking for, then gets distracted, and quickly falls off the linear sales flow and bounces away. Much like what happens when you send them to the home page.

A better approach is an email that links directly to a specific landing page that is specifically written to sell the product discussed in the email… and nothing else.

This creates a linear sales flow from start to finish.

Look at the example below. The top image is the email campaign, the bottom image is the landing page.

Email promo:


Landing page:

As you can see, the landing page doesn’t provide navigation links. There is only one product mentioned. There are no needless distractions. The prospect has two choices, buy or leave.

The take away?

To get higher conversions your email must link to a landing page featuring the same offer promoted in the e-mail. And do not allow shoppers to get distracted from completing the sale on the landing page.

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