Growing A Secret Facebook Group Through Email Subscribers

By April 24, 2017Email Marketing

Secret Facebook Groups have opened up opportunities to provide a strong community for your most valuable brand followers, and the email marketing channel allows for an excellent avenue to grow your secret Facebook Groups.  By segmenting specific email subscribers to receive an invitation join a secret Facebook Group, you’re able to increase customer loyalty, receive quality feedback, and strengthen the understanding of your audience.

The Set-Up Process

The first step is to create and build out your Facebook Group to increase the legitimacy and retention rate of the page before inviting email subscribers. Here, you can provide a letter, photos, and videos explaining the purpose of the secret Facebook Group. The second step is to design an email emphasizing the underlying message—they’re invited to a secret group. Provide content from the Facebook Group to increase the trust in the user to click through, which will be linked directly to the Facebook Group. The final step is to set up a campaign for segmented email subscribers to receive the invitation after they’ve made a significant amount of purchases, frequently used your service, or demonstrate some sort of value you believe qualifies them to be in the secret group.

The Content

The real magic happens around the content shared within this unique community. Here you can provide hyper-specific and in-depth content to these users who will take the time to digest it. Providing special sales here offer a strong reason for them to stay in the group.  Moderating a discussion on a product or service allows for more detailed feedback from the customers. Overall, the community in this secret Facebook Group are more loyal, thus more likely to be engaged.

Results of Having a Secret Group

The main purpose of having a secret Facebook Group is allowing space for your most engaged customers to interact with and learn from each other and you, ultimately to strengthen customer loyalty. Today, customer loyalty has become a serious issue for brands who rely on their trusted customers. Now, customers are more willing to experiment with different brands and become influenced by a competing brand for reasons outside the product, such as agreeing on social issues. A secret Facebook Group creates another level of exclusivity and a reason for valued customers to be loyal to a brand.


Segmenting email subscribers who have made several purchases, frequently used your service, or demonstrated value to qualify them to be in a secret group is an opportunity to grow your secret Facebook Group community. These segmented email subscribers have already demonstrated their appreciation for the brand; thus there’s a high probability of them engaging in the group, where you can receive quality feedback and a stronger understanding of your engaged audience. It’s a great feeling to be invited to a secret group where you’re with individuals who share the same appreciation for your brand, therefore allowing them that space through a secret Facebook Group.

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