SEO Problems? Search No Further


A well optimized Ecommerce SEO strategy can help your business grow exponentially. In this white paper, we will give you the tricks and tips to help you grow in 2017 and beyond. We will cover:

What To Expect…


What is a Meta Description?
Meta Descriptions for E-Commerce
Automate or Customize?
Meta Description – Quick Tips


Content that Answers Questions
Guiding Visitors
Product Descriptions
Curating Blogs


Benefits of Search Console
E-Commerce in Google Analytics


Ad Innovations
What sets it apart from Google?
Completeing the Search Engine Picture
Simplifying SEO

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), best practice advice changes more frequently than the weather. As an e-commerce business, your company’s best tool is your website, and a finely-tuned site that adheres to Google’s “rules of the web” can be your best friend. Conversely, an unorganized e-commerce website can cause you and your organization headaches. In this white paper, we’ll advise you on small changes you can make to your website strategy that will have a big impact on your bottom line.