Our Approach

When it comes to executing a seamless social media marketing strategy, you have to make sure you’ve covered all of the bases—and we can make sure that happens. We focus on moving past what’s not working and instead build on what is best for your brand. Starting from scratch? We can do that too. Whether you’re looking to grow your following or increase brand awareness, we know how to execute.

From analyzing the competitor landscape to a thorough auditing process, we can advise on concepts as high level as social media best practices to as narrow as targeted campaigns to grow an online community. Data and analytics are at the cornerstone of everything we do and how we make decisions—each recommendation is a strategic, documented play. We’re goal-oriented and hyper-focused on you achieving the results you want.

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Strategy Services Offered:

Comprehensive social media audit


In-depth social media strategy


Dynamic social media calendar


Community management


Optimization based on KPIs


Social referral traffic analysis

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Your success is our success. Our social media specialists will create strategies that align with your business goals. You’ll have a team that gets excited about creative brainstorming sessions and mapping out branding campaigns. Most importantly, you’ll have a team who’s on your side. We’re here for you—whether it’s discussing content distribution, business concepts or the newest algorithms. We are always up to date with the ever-changing landscape of social media, and you can be certain that your channels are optimized and aligned with the latest expectations in the social media game.

Hire Us

The Hawke Strategy Process was designed with a start-up feel (lean and agile). But more than that we aim to understand the essence of your brand and specific business needs. We dive into every aspect of your business in order to build a solid marketing strategy and grow your business fast and efficiently. You didn’t build your business overnight, but we can get you set on the path to success in ways you didn’t even imagine.