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Game Learning

Game Learning

All in one blended learning

Game learning brings history to life through Video Games, Graphic Novels, & Lesson Plans for developing minds.

Website launching May 2018
What we did
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Logo
  • Website
The Opportunity

In the past few years, the quality and presentation of educational games have been more focused on fun, whimsical, and cartoony branding. Game Learning wanted to really leapfrog all of these players in the market by coming out as a professional, highly designed, and thoughtful gaming and learning platform that caters to not only students imaginations but also to teacher’s needs, so they can teach and track progress for their entire classrooms. With this idea in mind, they engaged Hawke to develop this differing brand identity, from logo all the way to digital execution.

The Solution

Hawke created a brand that would be able to stand side by side with big players like EA Games, Activision, and Microsoft Studios yet still be recognized as a kid’s gaming company in the education space. This was accomplished through the development of a strong Icon for the logo, a clean yet warm Sans-serif font, and a mix of cool, focusing and energizing colors. The branding has a strong type treatment emphasis, bringing a very modern feel to the brand and games. Through our messaging work, we were able to develop a dual brand voice and tone that targets both educators and kids alike. We then created their website, that would act as an educational landing page for educators, and an interactive place for students to be able to see the game and sign up for the platform.

Logomark development

The Game Learning wordmark is created from two serif fonts and a nod to the gaming industry. The thick, blocky letters convey confidence and credibility, while the slanted rectangle shape and italicised letters bring a sense of energy and adventure that users will expect while playing.The typeface chosen for the name are similar to the type above, but contains more unique letters such as the “M” & the “A” embodying the uniqueness of Game Learning’s vision and mission/