Visual Identity



bringing cannabis into the digital age

Greenbox is an interactive touch-screen-operated vending machine designed to make your medical marijuana purchase experience both easy and efficient.
What we did
  • Brand Identity
  • Logo
  • Style guide
  • Website
  • Product Design
  • 3D Modeling
The Opportunity

GreenBox came to us ready to launch headfirst into an untapped market that came with the 2018 legalization of recreational cannabis in California. The idea was simple: create a vending machine that dispensaries can rent and place in their stores. Greenbox engaged Hawke to develop a sleek, modern, and tech-focused brand, product, and experience.

The Solution

Our first goal was to create a strong yet recognizable brand. We shifted the typical brand focus of cannabis companies from the marijuana leaf, drawing our influence from successful tech brands to develop a minimal and recognizable logo-mark in conjunction with a green color balance to draw reference back to the cannabis space. With the branding set, we began working with Fastcorp LLC and their engineers to design an atypical vending machine which combined functionality with an engaging visual experience. After iterating through many vector concepts, we moved our final version into 3D software where the engineers could build the machine and we could color it.

We applied these brand assets to the website, focusing on informing dispensary owners about the benefits of greenBox and driving them to make a conversion contacting the CEO about how to get one in their own dispensary. In tandem with the website, we developed an investor pitch deck to help secure funding to further optimize success and development of the physical machine.

Logomark development

Through the exploration of the greenbox logo iterations, we ultimately decided to take a minimal approach, steering away from incorporating any form of cannabis leaf. We then decided on a solid wordmark, emphasizing the letter G, which would serve both as the iconic symbol and wordmark logo. We chose the typeface Orbitron, a futuristic sans-serif, and made some alterations. This left us with a very sleek and simple logo, which alluded to the tech and cannabis spaces, was easily recognizable, and could be used across various mediums.


Orbitron is a bold sans-serif with curves and edges consistent with greenBox’s tech-forward visuals. We incorporated Orbitron as our headline font since it makes for a strong display typeface without sacrificing legibility. For our body copy we decided on Quicksand, which is geometric in letter anatomy with curved edges and very open space.