Performance Branding

Unmarked Skincare

Unmarked Skincare

The beauty of nature down to science

Unmarked Skincare is an innovative skincare brand derived from nature and perfected by science.

What we did
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Landing Page
The Opportunity

Unmarked Skincare turned to Hawke to rebrand existing assets. The entire brand had been built around coffee scrub and did not allow for expansion into different skincare items. Secondly, inconsistency was rampant in the various colors and fonts, tones of voice, and packaging, all which did not resonate with the target demographic.

The Solution

Through online and in-store competitive research, we determined that there was opportunity in natural, science-backed skincare solutions. We created a persona, the Unmarked Woman, whose “ idea of “beauty” doesn’t begin and end with makeup. Rather, she cultivates her natural beauty and it shows. With a set persona and ideal age range, we built out a tone of voice and expanded on brand messaging, keeping it friendly to connect with the consumer, yet knowledgeable and actionable.

Next, we simplified the brand colors and fonts, expanding on existing navy and grey, and incorporating a midnight blue as the primary color paired with muted pinks, speaking to the scientific nature of the brand, but adding a feminine touch. In order to create a balanced hierarchy, we paired sans-serif Futura and serif Adelle to evoke a modern yet scientific tone. Lastly, we redesigned the packaging, creating a cohesive aesthetic across the product line.

Type hierarchy

The Unmarked pectoral logo is made up of a serif font. In order to create a balanced hierarchy, a san serif font was chosen. To achieve the perfect tone of voice we use a serif, Adelle and a san serif font, Futura, to create a distinct language. Using Futura as the headline hierarchy and Adelle as the following subfont gives a good contrast and break within the copy.