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The Lowdown

Every CMO Consultancy engagement is right-sized for YOUR specific business needs.

Depending on where your business is within its lifecycle and the current market challenges you face, our CMO consultants will provide a custom tailored plan to plot the shortest path to growth. The CMO consultancy offers:

  • Vertical/industry research to validate and/or update product market fit
  • Deep competitive analysis to coax out industry best practices, market conquest opportunities and pitfalls to avoid
  • Target audience development, segmenting and persona writing
  • Foundational brand messaging to help establish or enhance key differentiators, value proposition and messaging throughout the marketing funnel
  • Custom funnel development including recommendations for top, middle and bottom funnel channels and activities
  • Holistic channel budget allocations and month-over-month resource management
  • Channel activation, onboarding and strategic scaling  
  • Dedicated CMO consultant that owns and drives the success of your business with the support and implementation of all Hawke channels  


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Our Process

1. Discovery & Product-Market Fit

  • Industry/vertical research
  • Audit existing tech, platforms and channels
  • Complete 360-degree competitive analysis

2. Digital Road Map  

  • Analyze and compile overview of marketing funnel
  • Create and outline goals, objectives and KPIs
  • Craft digital roadmap and growth playbook

3. Channel Activation/Scaling

  • Strategic channel onboarding
  • Structure and facilitate channel campaigning
  • Set up reporting and KPI tracking

4. Media Planning and Seasonal Campaigning

  • Conduct media planning and spend versus return forecasting
  • Identify gaps in the funnel/consumer journey
  • Facilitate holistic media planning and seasonal campaign planning


Total Sales: ↑1,958%
Ecommerce conversion rate: ↑.20%
Total Website Orders: ↑10,142%
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Return on ad spend: 486%
Non branded campaigns: 2x return
Increased total revenue: 1,259%
Increased total placed order: 983%
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