Digital Discovery and Roadmap Planning

Custom Growth-focused Digital Roadmap


The Lowdown

The competitive analysis and product market fit package provides a 360 view of your brand and/or product and it’s compatibility and competition in a given industry/vertical. Primary, direct, adjacent and even aspirational competitors are identified to gain a better understanding of industry benchmarks, messaging & aesthetics, channel mix, best practices & pitfalls, key differentiators, pricing & merchandising and overall market-share availability. Based on analysis and insights, key recommendations and opportunities will be delivered.


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Our Process

Phase 1: Brand Asset Review

We go into your google analytics and look at every digital aspect of your brand as well as your conversion paths.

Phase 2: Competitive Analysis & Messaging

We create written audits of based on your baseline performance compared to best practice and your specific industry's standards

Phase 3: Funnel Development and Roadmap

We provide specific recommendations on how to improve your marketing efforts and optimize conversions


Total Sales: ↑1,958%
Ecommerce conversion rate: ↑.20%
Total Website Orders: ↑10,142%
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Return on ad spend: 486%
Non branded campaigns: 2x return
Increased total revenue: 1,259%
Increased total placed order: 983%
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