Insta-Results With Shoppable Instagram Posts

By April 4, 2017Creative

Utilizing the hard work you put into drumming up stylish images that are relatable and compelling is something grossly overlooked in social media marketing. When it comes to web design, many times, people just use Instagram posts as a way of promoting or building their brand. What they fail to do is use those posts to trigger actual transactions. Here’s the best and easiest way to do create shoppable Instagram posts on any site be it Shopify, WordPress, or a custom build.

FourSixty — The End All Be All

Very rarely does a website plugin come along that is leagues apart from its competition, but FourSixty is just that app. With FourSixty, you can create shoppable Instagram posts by tagging your pictures with the exact products that are within your store, which creates a great opportunity for transactions. For instance, when Smiley Sally sees that super cool bag that she found while scrolling on her Instagram post, she can click on it and be redirected to the actual product page to purchase it. So the user flow goes from brand awareness to product inquiry to conversion. FourSixty help makes the most of your social media assets across the board.

There are many other shoppable Instagram apps out there, but FourSixty also wins out with execution. You can create sliders that show multiple posts at a time in a full-width format, so the images are big and beautiful. Additionally, you can take their code and create an entire page with all your shoppable Instagram posts, so you’re not flooding your homepage with too much information. The FourSixty plugin is highly and easily customizable as well. You need little coding knowledge to customize it; all you need to know is how and where to place it (and they have instructions for that as well).

Taking advantage of your social media posts is essential to higher conversion rates, and FourSixty is the premier app to help you create shoppable Instagram posts. Do not just create social media posts for the sake of creating a following. Work smarter, not harder, to achieve your business goals.

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