Shoppable Instagram: Leveraging User Generated Content in Your Store

By May 9, 2017Creative

Smartphones have changed the way consumers shop. Specifically, social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have severely changed the e-commerce game. With Instagram’s not so recent release of paid advertisements for businesses of all sizes, consumers are constantly bombarded by ads.

You browse products while waiting to be seated for dinner, make purchases on your commute to work, and compare prices online when you’re at a store to see what’s the better deal. In fact, more than 84 percent of smartphone users in the U.S. browse, research, or compare products via a web browser or mobile app.

About five months ago, Instagram released a new “beta” update to their advertising platform allowing for “shoppable” ads. It allowed for each post to have a “tap” to view feature which then showed a tag with the specific product and its prices. This new feature offers valuable information very early in the consumer purchasing process and a direct link to purchase, further shortening the checkout funnel.

But how can you leverage this now in-platform shopping experience on your site to further enhance the consumer experience? While user-generated content has been a popular tactic on product details pages to showcase real life product placement and visualization of the product, a new twist is the user-generated purchasable feed.

Platforms such as Foursixty have been capitalizing on the “shoppable” Instagram feed that is now replacing a standard feed on your e-commerce store. This shoppable feed allows the consumer a similar experience to the new Instagram “beta” ads, with a tappable feature linked straight to a product detail. Furthermore, the stream can be curated manually or by specific hashtags—completely customized in terms of font, layout, color, and more depending on your plan.

By enabling a shoppable Instagram feed, you can create a fully interactive experience through devices and platforms.

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