Simon Says Social Media: What We Can Learn From a Children’s Game

As the children’s game rules state: If Simon says it, we must do it.

Humor me, will you?

Simon has given his orders, what’s our next move? We know since the order started with “Simon says,” it’s valid; but, we don’t have a visual representation of Simon’s command.

Simon says, social media. If you are playing the game (and we most certainly are), you have to do what Simon says.

Okay. We have our orders: social media.

Social media. What about social media? Well, frankly, everything. But we know social media; you know social media. It’s everything we are, and everywhere we go. We’ll know it better than Simon ever will.

But still, Simon says social media, so we go there. And while we’re there we’ll do him one better and make our social media mean something.

“Mean something” Ambiguous? Yes. Advantageous? Most certainly.

Meaning something is your desired outcome on social media. Meaning is open for interpretation. Simon said nothing regarding the rules about social media meaning anything. Thus, anything on social media can mean something; and too, everything can mean nothing.

We’ve set a basic foundation for your brand’s social media presence previously; building on that, let’s now aim to make your social media presence retain the meaning you intended and for whom it was intended.

Content. Content. Content.

“Content is king,” said Bill Gates, some 20 years ago. Well, here we are today, in an evolved technological era where content is king all the same. Gates said content, but Simon said social media, so:

Curate valuable and applicable reading material and the readers will come.

Produce stunning imagery coupled with a snack-able phrase, and the readers will come.

Weave a story that amuses and educates, and the readers will come.

Do it, and do it through social media, and the readers will come.

Readers. Viewers. Consumers.

They all hold the potential to be the same.

Readers are who your brand is. Readers are the consumers, customers and window shoppers alike. Readers are the businesses and competition. Readers are the praise and criticism that will reach your brand.

You want all of the above.

Readers are, most importantly, learning, talking and, at the very least, thinking about your brand.

And so it remains: word of mouth testimonials of trials and experiences shared. Only today those “word-of-mouth” reviews are a click away for those who seek it. Even for those who do not. Those testimonials and trials are documented and regurgitated for all the world to see on their pocket screens.

Give the readers something to talk about, why don’t you?

Give them something real. Give them something funny. Give them something they don’t know they need. Above all, give them something to feel, and they will follow you devoutly.

Simon said, social media. You are still in the running—you’re on social media. But he didn’t say anything about social media though, did he?

No, but Hawke Media did. You’re welcome.

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