Your Site Speed Matters When it Comes to Mobile Ads

By December 23, 2016Digital Media Buying

If you’re in the business of driving traffic to a site or optimizing for conversion by way of Facebook paid media or mobile ads, then Facebook wants advertisers to speed up your site.

Facebook is going after one of the biggest concerns in mobile advertising by telling brands to build better mobile web experiences that load more quickly. They have repeatedly found that users have high bounce rates for pages that take too long to display — 40 percent click away if a page takes more three seconds to load.

To speed up the process, Facebook has introduced new technology that “pre-fetches” the content of an advertiser’s mobile website and stores its content on Facebook servers for faster access when a consumer clicks on the ad. Facebook will prevent ad delivery to users if the ad leads to a slow or non-mobile optimized website. Facebook’s Vice President of Monetization Product Marketing, Matthew Idema, stated: “The speed with which a mobile website will load is one factor our ad delivery system will use to determine which ads to show which people.”

To optimize your mobile website, Facebook recommends smaller files and less code on site. To test your current site speed, I generally use Pingdom which gives a performance grade, load time, page size, test location, and relative measure of site speed compared to other sites.



Since Facebook Ads disrupt the user experience on Facebook, optimization towards an enjoyable user experience has been a large discussion point for Facebook. The daily active user base on Facebook inherently supports an audience for ad delivery, but this experience shouldn’t be disrupted by users who click on an ad to slow websites or poorly loading landing pages.

To help with this, Facebook has introduced Instant Articles, allowing publishers to host stories on its servers, so they immediately load upon clicking. Facebook also launched Canvas ads, which are fast-loading multimedia mobile ads that create an “immersive” experience similar to a mini landing page ad.

With all of this in mind, speed it up or shut it down… your website that is!

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