Sliding into Your DM’s: The Branded Approach

By August 8, 2017Social Media

Receiving a higher rate of Instagram Direct Messages is one of the many indirect outcomes when running paid social media ads. These initial messages allow the opportunity in establishing or strengthening a relationship between the brand and individual. Messaging features across various social media platforms can be utilized as a channel to create a personal experience to connect the brand with the individual. When handled appropriately, the one-on-one messaging experience can result in the individual wanting to become more engaged with the brand, such as signing up for the brand’s email newsletter.

Direct Messaging Platforms

Instagram Direct lets you send messages to one or more people. Here, brands can personally communicate with followers who are reaching out to them regarding specific questions, ideas, or overall comments to better understand their audience. Facebook Messenger and Snapchat represent messaging platforms brands utilize to personally connect with their audience. It’s critical to not ignore any of these features to connect with your audience on a more personal level to strengthen brand loyalty.

The Benefits of an Instagram Business Page

Making your Instagram Page a business page opens opportunities to connect with your audience on a personalized level. If individuals aren’t comfortable using the direct message feature, they can choose to email, call, or receive directions to contact you right from your Instagram profile. These calls to actions create alternate avenues for individuals to further connect with brands, ultimately creating a more personal experience to strengthen brand loyalty. You can also utilize the Instagram Ads to promote your brand.

Increase Brand Engagement Through Direct Messaging

Utilize direct messaging from users across the various social media platforms to strengthen personalized relationships. With a strengthened, personalized relationship, the individual is likely to become more engaged with your brand across other channels, such as email. For example, the primary difference why a user who receives a response from their direct message decides to become more engaged with your email campaigns is because a relationship has been established. In conclusion, one-on-one messaging across social media platforms creates a more personal experience for brands to connect with their audience.

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