The Low Down on Social Promotion Emails

A great avenue for promoting a brand’s social media presence is through email marketing. While people on your email list may be engaged with your emails, it is not an indicator that they are engaged or even following your brand on any social media platforms. For people who are engaged with email and your social presence, it will only serve to reinforce your brand identity. Generally, the more you “touch” your followers, the better.  

There are two types social content emails that can be sent to your list. The first being an email that is a part of a “Welcome Series” or “On-boarding Drip.” This drip is triggered when someone signs up for your email list on the site, whether it be in a pop-up or in the footer of your site. Once triggered, these people or “leads” are funneled through a drip typically containing two or three emails.

It is commonplace for one of these emails to be a social promotion email solely focused on promoting brand awareness as opposed to promoting a product or driving conversions. This email highlights all social channels and potentially a blog, should your company have one, in hopes that people will click over to either explore the blog, Instagram, Facebook, etc.  The other benefit to this email is that for someone who is thinking about purchasing, it gives them an opportunity to explore how other purchasers are using or engaging with the product, as well as gain further insight into the brand.

The next type of social content email that is sent is an automated email that is triggered after someone makes a purchase on your site. Typically, it is best to have this email send not right after the purchase, but presumably after the purchaser has received the product and engaged with it.  That said, this is a very timely email; be sending an email asking customers to “show how they are styling the product” they have to have received the product.

Additionally, this email hopes to increase engagement when sent not only after the product is received, but when the product is still “new” and the customer is still excited about their purchase, but not accustomed to it yet. By encouraging people to “share their look” or “show us how you use the product” you will be able to drive more social traffic as well as build a community around the product and more specifically your brand.

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