Three Social Live Streaming Options to Have on Your Radar

By August 30, 2016Social Media

Live streaming is no longer just reserved for Saturday Night Live. Social media makes it easy to share updates in real-time, but the latest batch of social tools and apps make it even easier to connect with fans and followers through social live streaming.

Before you dive into the social live streaming world and proclaim “Live from New York!” though, it’s important to know your options. Here are three options you should know about:

  • Periscope: Founded in 2014, Periscope is one of the original social live streaming apps to pop up. The app allows you to transmit the live video to other Periscope followers, who can ask questions or comment live (the comments will show up on your screen while broadcasting) making it easy to interact. Periscope has since been acquired by Twitter allowing you to send a tweet when you go live and leverage your existing followers on Twitter. Videos are only available for viewing up to 24 hours after broadcast; however, they can be saved and uploaded to YouTube.
  • Facebook Live: Using your mobile phone, you can record video live within the Facebook platform, which is then shared with your friends or followers as a post on your timeline. If their settings allow it, friends and followers will receive a notification alerting them that you’ve gone live. Viewers can leave comments in real time allowing for an open discussion. Additionally, the video is saved on your timeline and can be viewed at any time by followers who missed it or those who just want to watch it again.
  • Meerkat – Officially launched at SXSW in March 2015, Meerkat gained popularity through its integration with Twitter, and later with Facebook. While not quite as popular as Periscope and Facebook Live, Meerkat does offer some interesting features, including the option to live stream from your GoPro camera.

As you can see, your social live streaming options depend on how you want to reach people. Want to do a Q&A? Try Periscope! Want to capitalize on your already existing Facebook followers? Go on Facebook Live! Want to take people where the action is with your GoPro? Hook up Meerkat.

Once you’re live streaming, the options are endless! So, what will you show?

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