How to Successfully Utilize Social Media in an Email Campaign

Email marketing is all about hitting people with the right message at the right time. What’s more current than social media? Incorporating social media into your triggered email campaign can give your audience the most current content surrounding your brand or industry.

How to leverage social media in an onboarding (welcome) drip:

  • It’s extremely effective to implement a “Social Media” based email into one of your emails in the drip. For example, highlight a special aspect of your social content, such as celebrity influence, a unique hashtag your brand uses for a user generated content promotion, or even photos of what inspires your brand.
  • Include your social links and highlight a reason for them to follow you across all channels. Make sure your reason provides some sort of value to their life, whether that be to discover outfit inspiration, get the latest tips on X, Y and Z, or even just to get daily updates on the product.

Where to use social media when building out promotional campaigns:

  • Promote social media contests through an email campaign. For example, if you’re running a contest via Instagram, you can utilize your email subscribers to add to the buzz and also explain more thoroughly.
  • Celebrity spottings: Highlight the latest celebrity or influencer interaction with your brand in a fun email that provides credibility. Repurpose the content that was publicized via social channels and use that in the emails. Always encourage them to follow you on social within the email to get more celebrity updates. Remember, be mindful of the illegal use of celebrity influence within your email campaign. Always get permission from the celebrity or influencer before using their photo.

PRO TIP: Remember, unless you are using a dynamic social feed in your drip campaigns to display your social content, you must update the content in these emails frequently. After all, it’s not the most up to date info, if you’re highlighting content from 3 weeks ago.

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