3 Clever Social Media Giveaway Campaigns Everyone Should Use

New companies and brands are always looking to find creative ways to stay ahead of their competition and expand their brand awareness. Companies turn to social media platforms to help them engage with new users and keep the old ones interested.

The Question is: Are they doing enough? And if not, what’s one way to improve? One of the easiest and best ways to improve engagement is with a social media giveaway. Here are the three best ways to reel in your consumers with a social media giveaway campaign:

No. 1: #TheHashtag

Let’s be honest—since the evolution of Twitter, hashtagging has become a non-stop phenomenon. All leading platforms embrace it, and it’s conveniently used to find related posts and social content. Engaging your followers in a #hashtagcontest is an excellent way to keep them involved and group related photos together for new social media campaigns. Additionally, a brand or service associated with a unique hashtag will increase your reach to new users on different social media platforms.

No. 2: Host In A Facebook Tab

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform on the internet today, so why not take full advantage of it? Hosting on Facebook can help attract users to company or brand content pages that otherwise may not generate much traffic. For example, a new women’s designer brand is hosting a contest on their page, and the winner gets a $75 gift card to spend on their new Spring Collection. Additionally, the only eligible users are those who share the Facebook page on their personal account. More than 1.5 billion people browse Facebook each day, so this mega-platform is perfect for generating brand awareness.

No. 3: Benefit Checklist

When creating a social media giveaway campaign, it’s always good to think of the different types of users that will see your content. One category of users are “skimmers,” or people who don’t take the time to read the content on a page. A Benefit Checklist can solve this problem. A list can quickly give the user an idea of the details of the giveaway and helps them decide if they’ll benefit from the promotion. It’s easy to lose potential customers with wordy or unattractive content, so this is one efficient way to catch those users that otherwise might slip through the cracks.

Creating a company identity, or “quality,” is crucial for all brands and services, whether it’s Apple or that new women’s fashion brand. The smart companies differentiate themselves from the others by figuring out how to lead users to them through creative tactics and content on their social platforms, such as a social media giveaway.

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