5 Social Media Mistake to Avoid When Integrating With Email

Email marketing and social media are two incredibly powerful marketing methods—how can you make them even more powerful? By joining their forces.

There’s a lot you can do to integrate these two channels with one another for an impactful approach to your marketing efforts, but there’s also a lot that can go wrong. So what should you avoid to ensure a harmonious union? Here are the five social media mistakes to steer clear of when merging your social media efforts with email marketing:

1. Missing a purpose

Social proofing is, by definition, a psychological phenomenon where one assumes the actions of another in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation. This can be especially powerful when used in the correct way especially in doing so with social imagery. While images may be worth a thousand words, it doesn’t count if the words are all scattered about. Make sure that when adding social proof to an email, it goes along with the narrative of your email, not thrown in arbitrarily.

2. Driving traffic to a social ghost town

If your brand uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. you’re going to want to drive your email traffic to these sites to broaden your reach. BUT if your company isn’t updating your social feed frequently enough, sending traffic to these pages will be a dead end. Make sure that you are nurturing each social channel so that your referral traffic is well rewarded and their attention is held.

3. Out of date content

Automated emails can be your most powerful tool in email. One of the biggest perks? The “set it and forget it” aspect. You can create evergreen campaigns that need little maintenance but keep raking in engagement. The thing is if you’re including social proofing (which you should be) make sure you’re refreshing your content to reflect your most relevant assets. We suggest swapping out your social images at least once a season to stay up to date.

4. Mismatched branding

When driving traffic from email to social pages, make sure you are consistent with the brand messaging across each. If the journey from email to social is disjointed, users may get confused and immediately bounce from where you are directing them. As with any aspect of your marketing, your brand voice, aesthetic, and overall messaging should be consistent and effortless for an easy transition.

5. Using social without being social

Social media can be great to drum up traffic to your newsletter list or great for giveaways, but if you’re always using your social audience to benefit YOU then you’re missing the mark. If you can get your newsletter list to engage more via Twitter or Facebook where they can share ideas with like-minded users or learn more about your industry, then the rest will come.

Streamlining your email and social efforts can be difficult. Avoid these social media mistakes with a thought-out plan and strategic approach, your ability to increase brand awareness and draw a loyal following will be stronger than ever.

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