Are you SoLoMo? That’s Social Local Mobile

By August 22, 2016Social Media

The idea of Social Local Mobile a.k.a. SoLoMo marketing is nothing new. The buzzword has been around for a few years now, but 2016 may be the year we see its full potential.

By definition, SoLoMo is a mobile-centric, highly targeted form of marketing that capitalizes on the popularity of smartphones and the precision of geolocation, especially as it relates to search engine results.

Early examples of Social Local Mobile marketing centered around apps (mobile), such as Foursquare, AroundMe, and Yelp, that provided search results based on the user’s location (local) and encouraged them to “check-in” and share with their friends (social).

Social Local Mobile marketing isn’t just reserved for search apps, though. Many brands have put the same principles into practice as well.

For instance, Nike’s app Nike+ (mobile) combines tracking and map my route features (local) and encourages users to join a community and share their routes and results online (social). The results for Nike? About 18 million people around the world use Nike+, according to Additionally, Nike can now collect data on users, which helps them better understand their potential customer and market accordingly.

You don’t need to build a whole new service, though. Capitalizing on SoLoMo principles could be as simple as taking your rewards program mobile, as was the case for GameStop. Turning their loyalty program into the PowerUp app has allowed the brand to use beacons and geofencing technology to contact members with location-based greetings, content, and deals.

But it’s not just big brands. As we saw with PokemonGO, small businesses are also getting in on the action and using SoLoMo principles to not only reach their target audience but also capture new potential customers at the same time. According to Entrepreneur, PokemonGO illustrates the “full realization” of SoLoMo marketing in that it makes it “possible for people to interact in the real world and social media world simultaneously in new ways.”

Even the news industry is looking at ways to capitalize on the idea of Social Local Mobile by finding ways to allow readers to filter and search through online mobile news updates based on their location.

Whether you’re ready to build an app or just provide a discount for a Facebook check-in, applying SoLoMo principles is one of the easiest ways to meet your potential customers where they are and on the technology they’re already using.

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