Staying Organized & Stress-Free In Business Development

By October 26, 2015Strategy

Working in business development at Hawke Media for the last 8 months I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to start working from the ground up at an agency that has grown from 10 to 40 employees in a one-year span (The fastest growing digital marketing agency in Los Angeles). Since March I have evolved from being an administrative assistant (keeping the business development department organized and basically just picking up the slack around the office) to being an internal marketing manager, in charge of all Hawke Media’s inbound lead generation, advertisements and all other internal marketing efforts.  

Here’s six very basic, but crucial work routines that will help you excel and stay on top of your to-do list and most importantly stay stress free:

Zero inbox

Cleaning out your email inbox everyday is something that many people struggle with. For many of you salesmen out there using a software like ToutApp to send out hundreds, if not thousands of emails at once, it can be very difficult to keep your inbox at (or around) zero. I don’t care. Set some time aside on your calendar if you have to and GET IT DONE. It is your job to maintain communication and a relationship with people and it’s a reflection on you and your company. Think about it: When you send an email to someone and they don’t respond, you tend to think negatively about them.  The reality of the situation is nobody cares how busy you are! Personally, I have made it a habit to respond to all of my emails almost immediately. If I have something that I know people want, I make a point of doing it.

Write down a daily to-do list

I’m not talking about every single last thing that you have to do. I’m talking about getting a post-it or a small piece of paper and writing down the manageable tasks that you need to get done today. One word that gets thrown around a lot in the professional world is, multitasking’ Multitasking does not mean that you are capable of working on 10 different things at once. It means that you are able to prioritize and get things done, one at time. Most supervisors would rather see you execute and perfect one deliverable than spread yourself thin.  

It’s impossible to be a perfect multitasker.  What we should strive to be great at is time management. And with that, we need to learn how to  effectively and efficiently manage all your tasks in a timely matter.

Write down a master to-do list

This is where you write down every single thing you need to do and then that’s where your daily deliverables list should derive from. A master to-do list may consist also personal expectations or end goals. It also could be everything that you need to get done in order or extra work that you would eventually like to get done. Regardless, writing goals and actions down not only helps to keep you organized, but it has proven to be much more effective and helpful for people to stay focused on what needs to get done now and what can be done later.

Get to know your coworkers

Working in biz dev means that you either work sales or you work on the back-end of the company where there are no client engagements or bosses standing over your shoulder. In order to be a strong salesmen or internal biz dev manager, it is important to understand both the ins and outs of your company and to establish a relationship with everyone in your office. I hear all the time about companies where there is a lack of cooperation between departments.  It is hard for many people to get up, walk around the office and talk with their coworkers. Try it. Go have lunch with someone that you do not normally interact with at work. It doesn’t have to be fully work related. Ask them where they’re from, who their favorite football team is, etc. I have found that creating any type of relationship with everyone at your office helps create and maintain a collaborative and fun work environment. The time will come when you need something from one of your coworkers so establish a relationship before the fact.

Attend Networking Events

Networking events are a great way to get out there and do two different things: one, test your ability to explain what it is that you do on a weekly basis at work; two, they give you the opportunity to see and hear what other people similar to yourself are doing at work. I am fortunate to be a part of a company that hosts a meet up at least once a month, Silicon Beach eCommerce Meetup. This event (in addition to others) has helped me fine tune the language and marketing terminology that I use on a daily basis.

Document your work

In my particular position at Hawke Media it is crucial for me to keep tabs of the work that I am doing daily. I am referring to more than just keeping your salesforce, or whatever type of CRM you use, up to date. I am talking about the work that will make you look like an absolute genius by the time your yearly review comes around. Since we premiered our television commercial on CNBC and YouTube, our inbound lead generation funnel has skyrocketed. Regardless of the percentage of those leads whom turn into actual clients, I keep track of the exact day and time that every single one comes in. From there, I am able to implement a code into my excel sheet that automatically displays a clear conversion rate. #BOOM.

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