Stop Letting People Lie to You About SEO

By June 10, 2015SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an interesting topic. SEO, in its essence, is something search engines prefer not to exist. Google wants you to be at the top of a search because you are supposed to be, not because you “optimized” for it.  They spend a lot of effort getting rid of SEO and yet it still seems to be something many agencies sell, and almost everyone is looking for.

At this point, the moment an agency mentions SEO, I assume they either don’t know what they are doing, or are con artists.  The moment a client asks for SEO without articulating in detail, I assume one of these agencies got to them at some point.

There are 3 things that affect your search ranking that you can control directly:

1. Content on your site

Writing relevant blog posts, so that when someone is searching for the topics you write about they end up on your site.  Make sure to, obviously, write about topics that interest a customer.  If you are a yoga brand, write about exercise, yoga, meditation etc.  Become a destination for your customer.

2. Relevant back links

NOT to be confused with just back-links.  A few years ago, it would benefit a fashion company to have a legal firm just link to them, because Google just counted the amount of links.  Now it is about the relevancy and quality.  Not all links are created equal and the content they are linking from needs to actually make sense before it links to you.

3. Site structure

Google has tools to make sure your site is easy to be read by Google’s web crawlers.  Make sure your site is built properly and easy to read and you are good.

That is it!  There are some other small tricks and things you can do to affect it, but don’t like anyone sell you on “ranking number 1 for the word “shoes”” because it is NOT going to happen unless you are a top shoe company.


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