Stop Talking About How Hard You Hustle

In a time where social media has driven everyone to be their own celebrity, there seems to be a surge in self-congratulatory practices—like how hard you hustle. One that I have consistently encountered is the idea of promoting how much you are working.

The interesting thing here is the people that continue to preach how hard they work, don’t seem to end up growing past that point where they begin to promote this.

I have paid a lot of attention to this over the past few years and have noticed something.  It seems to be that by stating “I am hustling hard” you are accepting that you are working as hard as you can.  In other words, you are working hard enough.

The people that I see continue to grow and build, never feel that are working “hard enough.”  There is always more to do.  There is almost a desperation, a cry for more hours in a day, a drive to continue to pile it on because there is no end, success is an ever moving and bigger target and so is the “hustle” to support it.

So for those of you who want to reach the upper levels of success, you are never “hustling hard” you are working and you can always do more.

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