Take Advantage of Online Shoppers

I think everyone can agree, as online shoppers, on having a love-hate relationship with online shopping. You can shop how you want, when you want. You can shop around different sites to compare prices. You don’t have to deal with that annoying sales associate that works solely on commission. I could keep going, but I won’t.

As the consumer, you have the opportunity to play the game…“the marketing game.” And as the email marketer you can set your business up for a successful outcome.

Here’s how you do it:

Reel them in

Implement an email capture on your website. Offer a small incentive when a visitor enters in their email address to get the ball rolling. Once they’re on your email list, you can analyze the consumer’s behavior, and target subscribers accordingly.

Give the human touch

Personal notes from the founder help the online shopper feel a more personal experience with the brand by putting a face to a name. Consumers now accept email marketing as part of their online experience, so why not make it worth everyone’s while?

Send to the right subscribers

When the online shopper enters in their email address, it’s because they’re interested in the brand. Email addresses that have been in your list for a while already know what to expect. Use this to your advantage. Since existing customers already know you, and your products, they have a much higher conversion rate than prospective customers.

Maintain the relationship

Pull weekly reports to analyze information about your email campaigns. If open rates are decreasing, look at subscribers’ behaviors and see who isn’t engaging anymore. To maintain the relationship you so strongly built at the beginning, send them a survey and ask them about their preferences. Loyal and repeat customers will convert at a much higher rate than any other segment in your list, so these are the subscribers to keep happy all the time.

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