Taking a Break From Social Media

By June 2, 2017Strategy

The whole point of social media when it came about was to update your friends and family what you were doing IRL, a.k.a. in real life. Now it’s the total opposite of that.

I find myself struggling to keep my phone in my pocket for less than five minutes—I need to know what’s going on in the internet world rather than the real world. I want to know what the internet is up to more so than my friends and family. It’s a strange world we live in now. We validate ourselves with likes from strangers and robots. We feel some sort of satisfaction when we read comments and likes about ourselves.

Yes, I know social media is something we take very seriously here and should not be taken lightly, but should it be taking so seriously? Do we need to be active on all social media apps to feel connected with everyone? The answer for me is: NO!

Try it out sometime. Try removing one social media app you regularly use and see how much your life will change. You will be more productive and eventually feel a little more connected with yourself and be more present. Eventually, you will forget about that app and realize it wasn’t that serious.

The internet is a beast, and sometimes if you give in, it can suck you in. I am not saying to delete every social app completely, but use your apps wisely. Use email to reach out to your mom or dad. Write a text to a friend to check up on them. Call up a friend and ask them how they are doing.

Often I find myself waking up in the morning scrolling through strangers feeds and not even being “social.”  It’s a difficult habit to break, but if you use social media for the right reasons and take a break from time to time, you will be more present and start to connect more with yourself and people in real life. It is something to definitely think about.

So whenever you open up a social media app, think about how you are using it. Are you using it to reach out to an old friend? Or are you using it to scroll endlessly for hours and waste two hours of quality social time you could be having with your friends?

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