Tell Them What To Do

By December 18, 2013E-Commerce Marketing

K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid) is an acronym that applies more to digital marketing than almost anything else.  When you are marketing on the internet, you and your message have a tiny fraction of time to capture someone’s interest and get them to act.  There are three keys to creating marketing materials that incite action:

  • Attractive – Your first and most important job is to draw someone’s eye to your message. When I use the word attractive, I don’t mean visually appealing, I mean something that literally attracts a person’s eye to your message, advertisement or the medium in which you are delivering your message and call-to-action.  This can be counter-intuitive to what you would expect at times.  If it is a banner ad or email, having visual errors or things that don’t seem right, as long as it does not hurt your brand, can sometimes really draw someone’s attention.  Your job is to catch someone’s attention and that is the first task in digital advertising.
  • Interesting – Now that you have drawn someone to you, you need to keep their attention.  Have a cool or interesting message or image. You have them, now it is on you not to lose them. Usually a five-word blurb that really sends a message that hits home with your target audience is a great start.  Something that makes someone want to know more. This is where you explain “why” you, not “what” you are. There is a big difference between “We sell pajamas” and “You deserve to be comfortable.” You need to keep it simple for people’s train of thought and tell them exactly WHY they want your product.
  • Call-to-Action  – They are interested, now tell them what to do next.  This is nothing new but seems to be forgotten. When it comes to digital marketing, you need to directly tell the person what to do. If you just put up a banner ad that says “You deserve to be comfortable,” in most people’s mind, they acknowledge that or even think it is “neat,” but they stop there.  Now change that to “You Deserve to Be Comfortable! Click here and make it happen,” as surprising as it may be, people will now tend to listen to an extent and actually click and look to buy.  Tell them what action you want them to take.

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