Test, Test & Test Some More

By November 17, 2015Email Marketing

For businesses of all sizes determining whom exactly your target customer is can prove to be the biggest struggle. When business plans are developed a target customer is determined based on market knowledge and experience. However, when companies attempt to directly market to these cohorts, they typically struggle to generate any positive traction.  This is generally due to the fact that their inception of their target customer differs from reality.

Test, test and test some more.

Every day an average consumer is exposed to hundreds of different advertisements telling them to like this, do that, don’t try that, etc. All of these conflicting messages are constantly swaying the consumers mind.

One day, a fad is in and 2 days later, people have moved onto the next best thing on the market.

Making sure you’re not only reactive but proactive when messaging and targeting your customers helps you get a leg up on the competition. In the digital marketing space there are a few different tactics that can be used to narrow down the task of discovering “your perfect customer.”

On Facebook, the amount of targeting options has allowed companies to test with different audiences based off of location, interests, behaviors, connections and more.

With several different ESPs today, you have the option to set up A/B testing campaigns in order to target specific customers and see how they respond. Variables for this include:

  • Testing different subject lines — does your customer react (open) to emails that are more sales-y or informational?
  • Time of day — are your customers more inclined to open their emails in the morning when they’re getting ready for work, on their lunch break, or winding down at the end of the day?
  • Content — testing the content inside of the email can be the most powerful test. You’re able to test different CTA’s + incentives.

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