That’s a Wrap for 2016!

Ahh… The end of one year and the start of a new one. Is there a better time for reflection? Probably not. Which is why we here at Hawke Media are also taking time to look back and reflect on the last 12 months.

It would be easy to recap the best of 2016 – the social posts that got the most shares, the blogs that were read from start to finish, the podcasts that captured attention – but easy is boring. So instead, we’re highlighting the top five blog posts that no one read! Well, not no one. A few of you read them and for that we are eternally grateful.

But really, they didn’t get many eyeballs, which is a shame because while these topics might not have been as popular, they’re still important. Here’s why:

Why is this important? Melissa says: “Are you on your phone now? Were you just on Instagram two minutes ago? It looks like no one cares about optimizing their site for mobile. Which is surprising, seeing as 65 percent of a site’s mobile traffic comes from iPads and iPods and the growth in traffic from mobile is an internet-wide trend and its pace is accelerating. Even if mobile conversion is still not as high as desktop conversion, it’s time to consider the ‘platform’ you spend the most time on.”

Why is this important? Kate says: I get it… most people think that their website is easy to navigate and provides a seamless shopping experience for their customers but the truth is, no matter how good your website is, there is almost always some room for improvement. Even if you don’t want to take any of my suggestions into consideration it’s still smart to do some testing and research to find out what is confusing about your user experience or if your site is, in fact, as great at you think. Not sure where to start? You can test small focus groups, send a survey to your existing customer list, install a heat mapping tool such as HotJar or CrazyEgg, or you can visit and allow a UX professional to record himself while drunkenly navigating your website and marvel in his confusion. Each option would give you valuable insight into your user flow. Happy testing!”

Why is this important? Natalie says: “The topic of having a mobile-optimized website had perhaps already been covered too many times, or maybe it was simply my blog title or introduction wasn’t captivating enough. However, the topic is still relevant today because according to this year’s studies, advertisers still don’t spend enough on mobile and 45 -57 percent of all shopping journeys contain mobile. Therefore, knowing the best practices for creating a mobile-optimized website is important so that you don’t lose potential customers at this touchpoint.”

Why is this important? Shannon says: “I guess no one wanted another election take, and I can’t blame them; this election cycle felt impossibly long. But, we can’t ignore the largest political data misstep in modern history. There are important things to learn from the missteps that data companies took this year. Namely, not gathering enough data or reading it correctly are just as bad as having no data to begin with. If companies whose entire purpose is to do data right got it wrong, then don’t assume you aren’t vulnerable to the same mistakes, too.”

Why is this important? Samantha says: “This was probably one of those ‘Well, duh!’ moments. Chances are you read this blog post (the few of you that did) on your smartphone and thought, ‘Ghee, thanks for sharing, Captain Obvious!’ Look around in any public space and it’s clear that we’re obsessed with our smartphones, but having the numbers and data behind it makes us better marketers. Knowing how many people are checking emails or news articles on smartphones helps you write better subject lines or leads that capture someone’s attention before they scroll away.”

If the 2016 Election taught us anything, it’s that you can be unpopular and still be important. So while these topics might not have interested you, they’re still important to know and understand (and we’re here to tell you mobile marketing is going to continue to be a big deal in 2017).

Hopefully this post got them a few more reads, but if not, we get it – it’s cool. Now we know what’s popular, and what isn’t, so thanks for reading along (or not reading)!

Happy New Year!

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