The Art of Giving

By December 10, 2013Strategy

In business, most people look for incentive or motivation.  “Quid Pro Quo” – What is in it for me?  Similar to some of the marketing posts on this blog about Direct Response vs. Branding, this mentality is very “DR.”

In business, as in life, it is important to like to give, help, and support those around you, and a lot of times to do it just because you can.  You may not always be able to draw a direct link to the result and how you benefit, but I can tell you, not only does it feel good to practice the art of giving and help another person, it also will come back to you in a direct form.

Some call it the thank you economy.  People love returning favors and doing things for those who have helped them.  You can’t always measure these directly, but if you can help someone with a small amount of effort, then if they ever have the opportunity to do the same, they usually will.

The Art of Giving could include:

  • Helping someone get a job with a connection.
  • Giving some free advice to someone in need.
  • Connecting two people who end up doing a lot of business together.
  • Assisting someone struggling.
  • Being open to someone who wants to connect.

If you do any of these things for someone, you are now a great person in their book.  If you do enough nice things for people, you are building a network of people who would like to do the same for you.

As I said, if you try to track this directly like a DR marketer, you will never succeed, but if you take it as a good feeling, you will be surprised in a great way with the results that will return to you.

I have had some of our largest clients, partners, deals, and successes come from friends who I NEVER expected to bring in anything.  Don’t assume anything, be willing to help, always be giving, and you will see that it pays off!

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