The Balance of Trust

By February 28, 2014E-Commerce Marketing

Trust is a funny thing in business.  It is important to trust people, to delegate, to allow people to prove themselves to you.  On the other side, you have to be careful how much trust you put into someone. Here’s what you should know about the balance of trust:

Why Trust Is Important

  1. Delegation – You need to be able to delegate work if you ever want to be successful.  You only have so much time, and if you can’t leverage your time by pulling in other people, you will never scale as an individual.  With that, though, comes having to trust someone else to do the work.
  2. Deal Making – When creating deals, partnerships, hiring agencies, or doing business with other people, there has to be a level of trust even to begin to talk.
  3. Not Driving Yourself Insane – Just for sheer sanity in life, there needs to be a level of trust with the people around you.  You need to trust someone you work with isn’t going to physically harm you, or do something outside commonly accepted behavior.  Trust is important just to be able to function in everyday life.
  4. Building Relationships – As you build relationships with those around you, it is important to show trust and confidence in someone and to have that also be reciprocated.  It is important to open yourself up and even be vulnerable, personally or financially, so that they feel comfortable doing the same.

Why Trust is a Problem

  1. Them or You – At the end of the day, if someone is left with a situation when it is save or benefit themselves versus someone else, if it is a big enough deal, they are going to pick themselves. Most people do weigh the loss of your relationship with what will be gained and decide if the trade-off is worth it.  You need to be aware this is always a possibility in business.
  2. Desperation – When people are desperate, they do what it takes.  You may have had a great relationship with someone, trust them explicitly, but when backed into a corner, anything goes.
  3. Reliability – Early in the trust curve with someone, you may be extending yourself to give them a shot.  Not everyone deserves your trust, and you need to be careful when allowing too much room for error on someone that has not proven themselves because you could be left with lost time and nothing produced.

The bottom line is trust is a delicate thing.  You have to trust, you have to allow for trust, but only ever extend yourself so much that you are still protected in the end.  People can surprise you, sometimes in a good way, and sometimes in a bad way.

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